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Private Art Exhibitions and Classes 
Gallery Space for Private Art Exhibitions and Events. 
We currently have facilities and space to cater for public talks, classes, art events and private art exhibitions. The gallery has a lovely coffee lounge/snack bar which is comfortable and well equipped.  
The complete gallery has one main gallery and two private galleries, the large gallery has a stage if required, and there is a smaller gallery depending on the size of exhibition required. 
North Devon is an excellent area for up and coming artists to showcase their work. If you are interested in organising a private art exhibition please contact us at the gallery on 01271 812100 or 01271 865998. 
Artists can showcase their work for as little as £20 per day. 
This is providing the artwork is for sale and the gallery can take a commission on sales. If however the artwork is not for sale the cost of putting on a private exhibition is £420 per week. 
In with this cost the gallery can help with large format posters, leaflets, small laminated posters, advertising including local radio and even designing adverts for local magazine exposure. The gallery can also provide a van for transporting larger paintings. the gallery staff will be on hand to assist in hanging artwork and displaying sculpture. 
We can even frame your work at low costs or print on canvas for you if you have your work in a digital format.  
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