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There are many essential ways to volunteer depending on your interests. For example, administration, fundraising, organising and attending events, public relations, art skills, educational experience, finance, legal and procurement. 
Working volunteers are always welcome and considerably contribute in the ongoing upkeep of the gallery. There are a great variety of tasks, no matter what your ability, both in art and helping to upkeep the property, keeping it in good condition for the community to enjoy. 
Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer. We can discuss what will be appropriate and enjoyable for you. Even an hour a week will make a difference and the ongoing sense of achievement as a contributor to this exciting gallery project will be a just reward, knowing the gallery will bring much enjoyment to many visitors and to the local community. 
Over the past 25 years the gallery has become a local amenity displaying and selling local works of art. Walter now feels the gallery lends itself not only to exhibit his paintings but now as a centre of well being offering a range of alternative therapies. In the past Walter was able to devote energy and new life into the gallery whereupon it was a thriving gallery turning over a large display of art and crafts and the coffeenook in the 80's was always busy running out of cups, plates etc whenever lots of people came in for coffees and cakes. It was in the year 2000 when Walter converted the coffeenook into just a gallery with it's windows borded up to make additional room to hang paintings. 
The gallery has undergone urgent repairs since then and is now open for Classes and Treatments as a centre for alternative therapies serving the local community. 
Pictures of Ilfracombe where Walter Elliott lives. 
Ilfracombe Harbour from Hillsborough 
Ilfracombe Harbour 
Working Quay Ilfracombe Harbour 
Ilfracombe Lifeboat, home safely, the men hose it down before it's returned to the lifeboat house 
If you'd like to put on a performance art show please contact us at the gallery. 
VIP Art Event 9th July 2017 
Walter talks about his painting  
The Ascent of Man 
Art Classes at the gallery 
Gallery Space 
New Changes to the gallery 
Article DATE 21st JUNE 2014 
Work started on updating the gallery in the middle of June 2013 when two sections of the ceiling in the craft hall had fallen down and needed to be repaired along with the ceiling in the ladies toilets, the outside of the property also needed to be rendered as parts of the wall had fallen into disrepair. The guttering also needed attention as damp was getting into the gallery. All this has now been repaired and complies with current regulations and fire safety. 
The craft hall has also undergone a lick of paint to brighten it up and make the space look clean, open and fresh as the craft hall is a beautiful part of the gallery with its architectural wooden ornate church beams giving the ceiling a magnificent feature. 
JUNE 2017 Update 
The next stage for the gallery to ensure it thrives into the next ten years is really important. We have decided to use the magnificent space the gallery has to offer for not only exhibiting Walters original paintings in the Main Gallery but to offer a centre for alternative therapies ranging from various gallery functions, art events and classes. These will be held next to the Main Gallery in the old Craft Hall and Stage Area which also has a beautiful Coffee Lounge area with Kitchen. We took down the boards that covered the windows in the Coffee Lounge revealing once again the green trees outside, this made the room a relaxing space and no longer giving it that claustrophobic feel, allowing the natural light to shine into the room.  
Summer 2017, A lot of extremely hard work had to take place to gradually get the kitchen operational again with new cooker, microwave, coffee machine, coffee grinder, and new dishwasher. It was a sense of achievement when we were awarded a five star hygiene rating. 
Latest News 2017 
Hopefully we will be putting on all sorts of exciting functions, talks, music and art events, along with training classes on various subject themes, talks on astronomy and physics, to photography and life art classes, so we feel the future of the gallery looks promising for the local community to take part and enjoy.  
The gallery is now open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am to 2pm 
The New Intelligent Heating System is going to be fitted on 25th September 2017 
This will preserve the paintings from being cold and damp throughout the winter months, and the heating costs reduced from the old plug in heaters which were very expensive to run. 
We will keep you updated with regards to when we fit a new roof on the gallery, the building then should be in good shape to venture into the next ten years providing the local community with a fabulous art gallery. the gallery 
How to take professional photograpgs 
How to paint better portraits along with life art classes 
How to become a better landscape photographer 
How to master social media 
Professional talks 
The Nature of Reality 
Rewiring your Consciousness 
Therapy Sessions 
Frequency to help repair DNA 
If anyone is interested in healing, meditation, affirmations please get in contact because we will be putting on these therapy sessions soon. 
Function ROOMS 
Function Rooms / Gallery SPACE to rent for as little as £60 per day or £10 per hourly rate. 
Ideal for Business Functions, Public Talks, Classes, Art Events, Private Art Exhibitions etc. 
The Gallery is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am to 2pm 
Your feedback is important to us, please feel free to leave a comment below 
On 25th November 2017 at 16:09, Jan Coutu wrote:
I love Walter's work-it is very spiritual.I find it amazing really, he has such talent and vision.
I would very much like to visit the gallery again soon.I would hope to bring a couple of friends with me. Would that be possible, maybe next month sometime?When Is it open please? RSVP
Looking forward to hearing from you
best wishes
On 25th July 2017 at 18:11, Lee Clemens wrote:
Went along to the last open day at the Elliott Gallery in Braunton spent a Lovely couple of hours there and what made it special was meeting walter Elliott himself and listening to him explain in detail about some of his famous paintings , l also enjoyed talking to his son Mark Elliott who made me a Lovely coffee in the coffee Lounge I really hope this little gem of a gallery in Braunton becomes a success with the Local folk and visitors from a far being able to enjoy its facilities.
On 10th July 2017 at 07:36, Alina Forde wrote:
Could you let me have details on the portrait class eg date' time, cost and name of tutor - many. Thanks
Really enjoyed the exhibition yesterday
On 1st May 2017 at 11:23, terence piper wrote:
very interested please supply guide price to units, many thanks TP
On 29th April 2017 at 10:00, chris jones wrote:
Hi, I see in the EX mag that you are advertising space in the gallery and to apply online. Please could you send me the details of costs etc. I am a local photographer who has sold images on various websites but would be interested in selling locally.
I look forward to your reply,

My best regards,
On 28th April 2017 at 16:52, Tez Lywood wrote:
I would be interested in details of the terms of your proposed small units to rent for artists. If you would email once you have details, I'd appreciate it.
On 11th August 2014 at 22:09, stephen webber wrote:
So glad the gallery has been repaired and is enjoying a new aspect to its future. Will always have happy memories of bringing my work down to the gallery, and selling my work there too! , walter was a true gentleman, always helpful, always polite and a true artist. Please give him my deepest regards, and wish him and his son all the very best for the gallery, yours sincerely, Stephen webber.
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