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Red Shift 
The Pillar of Creation 
Why does our Universe Exist? 
Mathematical analysis and reasoning behind why our universe exists. Light warps around the universe creating the illusion of infinite space. Galaxies are hidden within our universe like a hall of mirrors, multiple copies within. 
The chance of us actually existing is one in ten followed by ten zeros and then followed by a further 123 zeros. 
An infinite number of parallel universes must exist, ten to the power of 500 with one followed by five hundred zeros ten times bigger than the odds against, so the evidence is overwhelmingly convincing for a multiverse theory. 
The 'me' feeling is energy operating in the brain; space temporal logic to the observer. Discrete electrical pulses (pieces of information) quantised individual particles or electrical blips of data; these signal blips of data travel through the brain via electrical and chemical neurological pulses of energy; your brain interprets this chemical and electrical activity and these signals are processed to make sense of the outside world. 
The universe is a vibrating wave function, this wave function collapses when a conscious observer observes the world, collapsing the wave function and creating particles of matter. 
Matter exsts by virtue of a force that brings a particle in an atom to vibration, behind this force is finely tuned mathematics, at ten to the minus thirty three it's rather like observing an advanced quantum computer with vibrating pulses of information working like an advanced computation, this information is the matrix of all matter.  
If you dive deep into the nature of matter you discover a play and display of not electrons but potential electrons; when you measure a particle you cannot predict it's location and vice versa. One analogy is when you look around you, everything you see with the expectation of seeing it, it's that exploration and expectation that's actually creating it, we think we're in control but we're merely here observing the journey. 
The Event Horizon 
Information in the universe is never lost, the real reality is an eight dimensional Quasicrystal outside the parameters of our known universe 
Wave Function 
Definitely Different 
Silence is Golden 
Simulation Hypothesis 
Particles are not out there independent of our consciousness, matter has to exist in a state of super position, we are not measuring the world we are actually creating it. 
New Beginnings 
A trickle of unsteady sunlight shines through the trees onto a shadowy outline below, a gentle breeze flows against the old heavy wooden studded doorway concealing an uncertainty of what lies beyond. 
Inside the dimly lighted room awaits a wonder to behold, a historic place of worship, a forgotten remnant of times gone by, the worn stone floors, the cold stone walls reflect a place of quiet reflection of calm stillness. In the dusty surroundings, thoughts float away in a fading effervescence to a tranquil enlightenment, a drifting sea of obsolete mindfulness, frozen in a time of antiquity many souls come and go, atrophy and disorder bring fresh plush new beginnings, change is inevitable, a reminiscent of sifting sand running through ones fingers, one day it'll be no more, but for a moment we are not alone in our thoughts and with our prayer of contemplation and reassurance we are comforted. 
New Beginnings 
Supernatural Elegance 
Rhythm of Dance 
Moody Blue 
Quiet Reflections 
Dark Thoughts 
The Universe is YOU 
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