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The Citex Gateway Interdimensional Gateway to a perfect world, or is it? 

The Citex Gateway 
The Golden pyramid is a key capable of unlocking the Citex Gateway linking Earth to the constellation of Cygnus, it can also go forward or backward in time. There is a solar system with five planets, two in the habitable zone that contain life. 
The two planets that contain life are Galippo and Laquceer, Laquceer is a planet rather like Earth but it only has plant life, birds and ocean marine life. It once flourished many years ago with intelligent life but sadly the inhabitants abused the planet and destroyed it. Now it is being terra formed by the Starsis, they are an intelligent offspring that now exist within the Citex Gateway. The Starsis are part biological and part astrophysical, an element capable of self repairing itself at super fast speeds, they are an intelligent species and possess more senses than a human. The Citex are artificial intelligent entities that were originally designed by the Starsis however they have evolved over many years into extremely advanced intelligent entities. The Citex have designed super nanobot technology capable of self replicating, the parts replicate building themselves into super massive structures designed to harness the Suns energy. 
This energy is then used to form a gateway that links Earth to Laquceer and its moon Galippo. The moon contains intelligent life that are in many ways very similar to humans. The Starsis created this new race of beings that live on Galippo. They look like humans and are genetically designed using human genomes. They laugh, they sing and they are creative, they have love in their hearts and they wouldn't even think of hurting anyone. Humans on Earth survived by possessing a range of diverse emotions, without the anger emotion humans may not have survived as this is a defence mechanism as well as considered a defect. The species on Galippo are different as they've never had to survive or be threatened by an enemy, the Galippians don't have to worry about any threat in this way. So the defects in human nature such as anger, greed, hate and dishonesty isn't a part of the Galippian way of life. Their brain is different, I'm not entirely sure whether they've evolved this way by design or whether the Starsis intervened later to eradicate these harmful emotions. 
One would argue that if we on Earth used advanced technology to alter human emotions it would be argued that we would be changing that person to be something else, how far would one go to alter human behaviour and how much control would one exert before one creates a world of people who would end up being purely controlled and programmed like robots. 
With diversity intelligence on Earth brings not only compassion the highest aspiration, but it brings with it evil deeds as well. It seems to be a trait that goes with intelligence, a vast contrast from one extreme to the other, everyone fits in there somewhere. But on Galippo everyone is just happy going about their everyday routine lives never desiring anything nor projecting harsh words to say about anyone else either. Is this a perfect world? 
The Starsis teach a philosophy that one must be careful what you wish for and what decisions you make, because the past, present and future all coexist, no information is lost at any point in time. Your future has an influence on your past and your past has an influence on your future, and what you create whether good or bad is frozen in that moment of time and never lost. We are purely a projection from stored information which has already been played out from infinite possibilities stored within infinite parallel universes. 
The universe is information and at the very heart of our universe, Earth call it the Planck length at ten to the minus thirty three you become part of a world of pixilated tetrahedrons, this is the core where time is ten to the forty four times shorter than a second frame in all reality, where all time affects all time all the time. 
Beyond our known universe where all dreams and experiences are stored ready to be played out again in a different time frame with infinite possible outcomes, parts influenced by free will however parts set in the program and programmed by a preset cursor. Earth call it an E8 lattice, an eight dimensional crystal which is transferred to a four dimensional quasi crystal before it plays out in our known three dimensional reality, or four dimensions calculating time and motion. 
The Citex Gateway 
The Golden Pyramid becomes distorted as it enters the Citex Gateway 
Harnessing energy from the star creating a topological dimensional gateway within spacetime linking Earth with Laquceer a planet in the constellation of Cygnus. 
The moon Galippo 
Wave Function 
What is a wave function? A wave function is a vector within a linear space, what is a vector within a linear space? This is where thoughts are made. Matter exists by virtue of a force that brings a particle in an atom to vibration, behind this force is pure consciousness, an intelligent mind, this mind is the matrix of all matter. 
The Golden Pyramid 
The Land of Laquceer 
Laquceer, looking towards its moon Galippo in the constellation of Cygnus. 
Why does our universe exist? 
FIVE Scientific Earth theories to explain why. 
1. We live in a giant super computer and we're just a computer simulation. 
2. Bullet time theory. 
3. Ekpyrotic universe. 
4. Holographic universe, our universe is one big hologram. 
5. We live inside a big black hole. 
The explination the Citex gave as to why the universe exists, the universe is an advanced computation, we are all living in a holographic universe, and we were created by a...  
TYPE FOUR SUPER Intelligence. 
We currently harness 0.73% of our suns energy, when we are able to harness 100% along with controlling our weather we will be classed as a type one civilisation status. 
Type Two = being able to create self replicating nano bots programmed to build huge structures in space capable of harnessing 100% of the sun's energy. 
Type three = astro physical entities, artificial intelligence who can harness energy on a galactic scale. 
Type four = intelligence capable of controlling the universe, able to create a new universe and play with spacetime controlling multiverse parallel universes. 
What Happens when we Die? 
Particles can exist anywhere so consciousness can exist anywhere, it's information capable of being in multiple places at the same time, called 'super position'. Microtubules carry information channelling it away after death, it's information stored at a quantum level, so we don't actually die, we just die in a moment of time which is an illusion, all our information is stored and will be projected again. Every moment of time still exists. The Planck length of time is ten to the forty four times shorter than a second frame in all reality, all time affects all time, all the time. 
Inside 'K' 
Control Room 
Inside the Citex Gateway 
The Land of Laquceer 
The universe is holographic in nature however it's a super quantum computation. Earth call it a wave function and reality manifests itself through a conscious observer observing their surroundings, this collapses the wave function creating matter and everything you see around you. So everything you see around you with the expectation of seeing it, feeling it and experiencing it, it's that expectation and that exploration that actually creates it. It's the most complex computation and yet it's simple and if you possessed the senses to see the entire picture all in one frame, down to the smallest subatomic scale right up to what you experience in your everyday life along with the entire universe you'd be able to make sense of it, moreover unfortunately humans only have limited senses to perceive their world and a limited understanding of how it works. 
So what is a perfect world? 
On Earth it's a bit like debating policies for legislation as everything has a double edge sword, implications on both sides to the arguement to any government policy. If a punishment is too harsh there will be complaints about human rights, if too lenient the perpetrator gets off scot free. How do we get the balance right? It's the same with defence, wouldn't it be lovely in a perfect world not to have any weapons, fabulous if everyone was of a loving nature but here on Earth everyone lives in a volitile world so unfortunately defence is deemed necessary for a deterrent and security.  
On Galippo one could easily be mistaken to think it's a perfect world, I suppose it is in many ways, there's no violence or dishonesty, everyone is friendly, however the price for this is revealed in other forms, because if you take away human emotion, creativity takes a knocking. If you define the word 'beautiful' it means you have no ability to sense its flaws, right and wrong just become concepts within the data. 
To avoid creating a race that aimlessly exists without any drive, enthusiasm, motivation or creativity means the civilisation would either drift about without achieving anything or if there were objectives to adhere to what would be the reasoning behind these objectives. In the case of Galippo, the Starsis are in control and woven deep within the fabric of life on Galippo, all the tasks that are undertaken are governed by the Starsis. 
What is the reason behind anything? Why would an advanced species create another species who are not so advanced? These are questions I cannot answer. 
The artificial Citex possess a phenomenal intelligence however they are not biological, they are just machines with quantum computations that mimic biological brain activity, they are vastly more advanced and capable of producing faster and more calculations than there are particles in the entire universe. At this level thankfully they have no reason to destroy anything or hurt anyone, there isn't anything to threaten them so they have no reason to defend themselves. The universe is their home so they have no reason to take over another planet or threaten any other species. But having said that they do not have compassion nor do they have anger or dislkie. Their objective is to survive by harnessing energy, their reason for survival, unknown. 
Inside the Citex Gateway 
Plexity in white with a Citex 
G a t e w a y 
Citex are capable of playing with spacetime and parallel worlds.  
Interdimensional Citex Gateway  
Beyond our universe is a quasi crystal dimensional state where dreams and experiences are stored. 
The Golden Pyramid 
Portraying a sci-fi theme adventure story with artificial advanced intelligence 2000 years into the future exploring parallel worlds and strange alternate realities. 
Liquid Gold Publications UK 
The story is based on current scientific knowledge understandings and hypothesis. The story reflects current scientific data and how it fits into the working model of the universe however it's portrayed in a futuristic fictional adventure. 
The Golden Pyramid 
Futuristic worlds of idiosyncratic intelligent entities where biological life has evolved into astrophysical intelligence beyond our known senses. 
This is the introduction leading to the Citex Gateway  
The Golden Pyramid 
The golden Pyramid is about travelling through spacetime 2000 years into the future where magic and danger lurk, well it seems like magic compared to our current primitive technology. If you enjoy sci-fi, you'll enjoy this story taking you beyond the boundaries of our known senses, exploring futuristic worlds of idiosyncratic advanced intelligence. 
Transported through a topological time dimension through a parallel universe into a mysterious world. An astonishing sequence of events take place, the golden pyramid unlocks a Gateway created by advanced artificial intelligence. 
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